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Somas Recipe | Kajjikayalu | Somasi

Hope everyone enjoyed the Makarasankaranthi/Pongal 🙂

Dear son Aanand is growing pretty well. Can’t believe he is 3 months old now! Time just flies away. The other day we were chatting with Panaji (great grandmom) via webchat. She mentioned that as the babies reach their milestones, its a customary that we prepare few dishes so to mark their achievement, enjoy and feel proud about it. It seems somas is prepared when the babies turn to their sides. Why somas? God only knows 😀 Probably it resembles a child lying on his sides… (he he pardon my vague idea…) Aanand accomplished this milestonse long back, within couple of weeks since he was born. Here I share the somas recipe and my happiness as a proud mother with you all.

Somas recipe | Kajjikayalu
Somas recipe | Kajjikayalu


Maida: 3 cups
Rava (Sooji): 1 cup
Pottu Kadalai (Roasted bengal gram) powder: 1 cup
Desiccated coconut (Copra) : 1 /2 cup
Sugar: 1 cup
Cardamom powder (Elachi) : 1 tsp
Cooking oil : To fry the somases
Somas presser (Shown in the figure) : one (This is optional)

Preparation Method:

  • Puran preparation for somas:
    • Grate the copra.
    • Mix pottu kadalai powder, sugar, grated copra and elachi powder. keep it aside
  • Roast rava and powder it.
  • Mix the powdered rava with maida.
  • Add water and prepare a dough (Just like we do for making puris).
  • Make small balls out of the dough and roll it (small ones as puris).
  • Place the flattened dough on the somas presser.
  • Keep the puran and close it.
  • Remove extra dough protruding from the sides of the somas presser.
  • Now remove the somas from the presser and deep fry it.
  • Delicious somas is ready to relish.

If you do not have a somas presser, follow these steps:

  • Roll the dough as puris.
  • Keep the puran in the middle.
  • Fold the dough (as a semi circle) and stick the ends with little oil.
  • Now fry the somas.

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Hi: I just saw in another blog that you are a fellow-Thanjavur Maharashtrian. Would you please care to join us on facebook at the group “Thanjavur Marathi – Tanjore, India” – we can make a really BIG family together…. Thanks,

Recipe is good nd tastes good too!
Panaji may go ecstatic over how it was when hergrand kids were 3 months old!
This dish seems to be all about continuity of tradition and tastes of tradition too!
My preference may be to jaggery instead of sugar& KhasKhasa.
And it being fried till the browny lump shows itself prominently inside the fried somasi!
Well I am known for what in tamil they call NAakku NEelam![dies for taste]
Keep it up inspite of my being nosey!
Enjoy! Not a dish for 3 months old.In his name we relish,yea more than somasi!

Hi Anu,was browsing thru and found ur site. Firstly congrats on your newborn, enjoy motherhood. My mum ensures that we make kolzkatthai when the child has his first tooth. one way or another we the adults enjoys them…

Your somas looks similar to a Malaysian favourite called Currypuff, the dough made of maida, the stuffing can be made of potatoes or sometimes sweet potatoes, fried with dry curried style and very much similar presser used to .

Thanks Sathiarani 🙂 Yes Am definitely enjoying motherhood! Wow Kozhukattai to celebrate the first tooth! Aanand already has 4, so what?? will make modakams and enjoy 😉 Oh never heard of Currypuff… sounds inviting!! Thanks again for the info about the Malaysian cusine. Do keep in touch!

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