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Khus khus (Poppy seeds) kheer | Gasagasa Payasam

Ever thought of preparing kheer without using stove? Here is such recipe using khus khus (Gasagasa). This is my mom’s special dessert. Simple yet delicious 🙂

Khus Khus Kheer | Gasagasa Payasam
Khus Khus Kheer | Gasagasa Payasam

Khus Khus: 4 tbsp
Badam (Almonds): few (fistful)
Kaju (Cashew): few (fistful)
Copra (Dessicated coconut): 1 cup
Elachi (Cardamom) powder: 1/2 tsp
Kalkandu (rock candy or rock sugar): 5-6 (Big ones)
Boiled milk: 1/2 litre

Preparation Method:

  • Soak khus khus, badam and kaju overnight in water.
  • Add copra and grind them to a fine paste.
  • Coarsely powder kalkandu.
  • Add powdered kalkandu and elachi to the khus khus paste.
  • Allow boiled milk to cool and add it to the khus khus paste.
  • Khus khus kheer is ready! Serve chill.

Health benefits of poppy seeds:

Poppy seeds protects heart against cardiovascular diseases. Poppy seed oil prevents breast cancer. Poppy seeds with sugar can be taken to cure insomnia.

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19 replies on “Khus khus (Poppy seeds) kheer | Gasagasa Payasam”

Simple recipe! However, when I tried your recipe, it gives the raw smell of khus khus. What I do is to roast poppy seeds instead of soaking it; then grind it with fresh coconut, and roasted cashews. I boil this ground paste in milk for 4 minutes. When the milk is warm, I add the jaggery syrup (jaggery heated with a little water and then filtered). Add Elaichi for flavor.

Thanks for the comments! This kheer is “no-cook” recipe. Its more like a refreshing drink which involves NO cooking. Since we do not cook/roast the ingredients we retain the nutrients 🙂

Yes I also make the khus khus kheer as you have mentioned and it tastes great too!

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