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Sappaka Pitla – Maharastrian Recipe

Pitla is definitely a Maharastrian comfort food. Pitla is famous in Tamilnadu as “Pavakkai pitlai”. Apart from pavakkai (bitter gourd) we can prepare pitla with other vegetables too. Thanjavore Maharastrians enjoy relishing different varieties of pitla.

  • Pitla – Ambat pitla to be precise. Made with toor dal, masala and tamarind extract
  • Sappaka pitlaRecipe given below. Prepared with moong dal and masala ingredients (but no tamarind)
  • Goddu pitla – Quiet similar to goddu rasam. Use tamarind extract and masala in the recipe (but do not add dal)

Generally sapakka pitla is prepared with moong dal. But I have also tasted sappaka pitla with toor dal. Some people do not like moong dal so they use toor dal (thuvaram paruppu) instead. I had some tomatillos at home which I have used in this recipe. You can replace it with carrots/beans/chow-chow/bitter guard or any greens.

Sappaka Pitla
Sappaka Pitla

Time Taken:30 mins
Serves: 3-4


Moong dal (payatham paruppu): 1 cup
Tomatillo: 4-5 (or use any veggie of your choice)
Cooking oil (preferably sesame oil): 3-4 tsp
Turmeric powder: 1/4 tsp
Salt: to taste
To roast & grind:
Red chillies: 4-5
Urad dal (ulutham parauppu): 1 tbsp
Chana dal (kadalai paruppu): 1 tbsp
Black pepper (milagu): 1/2 tbsp
Grated coconut (fresh or frozen): 2 tbsp(add more if you prefer)
For seasoning:
Mustard seeds: 1/2 tsp
Urad dal: 1/2 tsp
Hing (perungayam): 1/4 tsp
To Garnish:
Curry leaves: few (chopped)
Cilantro: few (chopped)

Pitlai recipe
Pitlai recipe

Preparation Method:

  • Cook moong dal adding a pinch of turmeric powder and keep it aside.
  • Heat 1 tsp of oil and roast red chillies, urad dal, chana dal and pepper until dal turn golden brown in color.
  • Add coconut (and little water) and grind it to fine paste.
  • Heat 1 tsp of oil and sauté tomatillos (or the veggie you plan to add) for 2-3 or until soft.
  • Add the ground paste and cook for 1 Min.
  • Add cooked dal & salt and keep stirring for 1-2 Min.
  • Add water as necessary to adjust the consistency (pitla should not be too watery).
  • Remove from the stove top.
  • Heat remaining oil and do seasoning with mustard seeds, urad dal and hing.
  • Add it to pitla.
  • Garnish with cilantro and curry leaves.
  • Serve with hot rice / roti.

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18 replies on “Sappaka Pitla – Maharastrian Recipe”

The word Sappaka in marathi means “not tangy”. That is we do not add tamarind in this pitlai recipe. You can any vegetable to this recipe. Hope this helps.

Hmm … in Maharashtra, this would be called amti. Pitla is always made using besan – there is no dal in pitla. Sorry but what you have written is absolutely wrong, please do some more research …

Thanks for taking your time to leave a comment. We are Tanjore Maharastrians and we prepare all kinds of Pitla with Dal. For us anything ambat/amti has tamarind in it. India has diverse culture and cuisines are no exception 🙂

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