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Info about the Grand Canyon Skywalk – The West Rim

I had promised one of my zealous reader that I would come up with a post giving all the details about our Grand Canyon trip. Well there was a delay in me coming up with the report… better late that never πŸ™‚

We had visited the Grand Canyon during the last Thanks giving holidays. In order to avoid the eleventh hour rush, we had booked the tickets for the Skywalk well in advance.

Grand Canyon West is located in the Hualapai reservation in Arizona. Here is the site to book the Grand Canyon Skywalk tickets. There are various options to explore the Grand Canyon West Rim. Travel packages are available for the Skywalk, Skywalk with helicopter ride, helicopter and the pontoon boat ride etc. We chose “The Skywalk Package“. This is the least expensive package which costs about $81 per person.

Here are the Directions to reach the Grand Canyon West Rim – Skywalk from the Las Vegas:

Take US 93 South for about 32 miles to Hoover Dam. Cross Hoover Dam and continue South on US 9 for about 40 miles. Turn left (north) on Pierce Ferry Road and drive for about 28 miles. Turn right (east) on Diamond Bar Road for about 21 miles until you reach the entrance to Grand Canyon West Rim.

view near the Grand Canyon Skywalk - the West Rim
view near the Grand Canyon Skywalk - the West Rim
view near the Grand Canyon Skywalk - the West Rim
view near the Grand Canyon Skywalk - the West Rim

The road to Grand Canyon Skywalk is horrible for a stretch of 14 miles. It’s really scary to drive on this road. Incase you like to spare your car from the rough road; there is an option to park your car at the Welcome Center at the Dolan Springs. From there you can take the Park and Ride coach service on to the Grand Canyon West Rim. It costs $10 per person. For reservations, email If you plan to rent a vehicle, then SUV (or any 4-wheel-drive) is a good option.

We are not allowed to take our camera on the Skywalk. But cameras are mounted on the rails of the Skywalk… We have to look for the camera and pose. The snaps can be got at the lounge.

We have to leave all our belongings including purse, handbag, cell phone etc in a locker before we start moving towards the Skywalk. All our items were safe. Do keep some cash in your pocket πŸ™‚ We had hot chocolate at the Grand Canyon Skywalk, it was worth the money.

Update: I was honored to receive a comment from the marketing department of the Grand Canyon West, Destination Grand Canyon. They had mentioned about a couple of information that I would like to share with my readers. Vegetarian food is now available at all the viewpoints in Grand Canyon West Rim. That’s indeed gr8 news for us the Veggies!! And one more update… no fees for the locker at the Skywalk! Wow…. The locker to store all our items is not only safe but cost free too πŸ˜‰

During our entire trip we took rice cooker and rice with us. Am sure parents would find it hard to take pizza and sandwich. It’s better to take chapattis / tortillas incase you have the microwave oven in hotel u stay at. Some suites provide a kitchenette! Do confirm these data before planning your meal.

Make sure that your vehicle has enough fuel as you pass the gas station… coz you may find the next one at least 50 miles away!!

The Grand Canyon West Rim – Skywalk is open through out the year. The timings may vary for the summer and the winter months. It’s better to visit the Grand Canyon during the spring or fall and avoid the scorching heat of the summer.

Do check this out before planning your trip. Grand Canyon West – Skywalk offers unique and wonderful viewpoints of the great Grand canyon. Explore the Grand Canyon… Have a safe and enjoyable tour. Good luck!

Update: Please visit Grand Canyon West Rim and South Rim to know more about our experience.

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I am in charge of the marketing for Grand Canyon West, my name is Allison. It was good to read about your experience. Since it has been a little while since you went , I thought I would give you an update. All of these personal comments are so important, it is how the destination gets better! There is no charge on the lockers and there are vegetarian options at all of the view points. Hopefully you went to all of the view points that come with the tour. I only read about Skywalk. There is also Guano Point and Hualapai Ranch. Thanks for posting your experience and sharing Grand Canyon West with everyone. Next trip, you should try the One Day White Water Raft trip. Check it out on line.

Hi Allison,

Thanks a lot for your valuable comments. I have updated the same in my post. We had a greart experience in visiting the Grand Canyon Skywalk – the West Rim. I feel excited to read about the water rafting… expecting to enjoy the ride in near future πŸ™‚

gives all details without hiden secret. A LAYMAN can visit skywalk with details given by.

Thanks a lot for the appreciative words. It was a great experience for us to explore one of the Natural Wonders of the World… “The Grand Canyon”!!! Hope my blog helps others in exploring this World’s Natural wonder.

Wow… the views look awesome! Doesn’t look like you have fear of heights as the photos must have been taken really close to the edge to get the full views.

He he… yes yes… Kanal kannan madhiri stunt pottu photos yeduthen πŸ˜‰
I was immersed in the beauty of the Grand Canyon that I didnt bother about the height. Ganesha had to drag me from stepping too close to the edge of the canyon πŸ™‚

Thank you very much for posting more info on the west rim, skywalk, procedures involved and experiences. I found it very useful! Best of all I see that the contact from destination grand canyon has posted a reply to your blog. That is just super cool ! Nothing like instant feedback on the posts and that too from the people providing the services !

Thanks buddy. Hope this blog helps you in planning your Grand Canyon Skywalk visit. Yes I was pleased to receive the comment from the Destination Grand Canyon! Do visit the Guano point, Hualapai ranch and post ur experience regarding the same.

Good description about the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Heard that the road to Grand Canyon skywalk is unpaved and driving thru it is a nightmare. Didnt know about the park and ride facility! Thanks for providing this info.

Heard about this blog from one of friend. Very informative post about the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Good work…keep it up!

excellent information especially the warning of the fuel qty.Was woundering if there were any service station available enroute from las vegag to west rim.looking forward to take a trip to “skywalk” soon.

Thanks for the lovely feedback Kumaran. Am really happy that u found My Scrawls to be useful in planning ur trip. Do stay tuned πŸ™‚

Amithi, Thanks for your comments. Glad that u liked My Scrawls. Am using a basic word press theme πŸ™‚ The theme is “Inove”. Do check it out in the word press themes section. Gud luck!

we are group of 44 ladies going to skywalk this april 11 from LA california. I talk to Nena there. She booked our tickets and gave me a 10% off for 44 people. Nice lady. I will post my experience too.
One thing is, As I talked to Nena there at skywalk, she said there’s no more park and ride available for unpaved road to reach hop on-off suttles. Is that true??????? please let me know. My bus guy is also does not wanna go to unpaved road any more. I don’t know what M I gonna do? after i bought tickets with my credit card. Please help me with this.
and the unpaved road is really that bad? fill me with your detailed experience here, I will appreciate that.

Hi Banu,

Nice to hear about ur trip. We went to the West rim, Grand Canyon during the last thanks giving holidays. We had the park and ride facility available there. I guess it should be still available. You can check the link that I have provided in the post (regarding the park and ride facility). Do not worry, any SUV or 4 wheel drive vehicle can manage the rough road present there πŸ™‚ Anyways pls avoid traveling on a rainy day. Gud luck and enjoy your trip πŸ™‚ Do share your experience here. Would be really useful for others too πŸ™‚

Hey Anu,
We are going to Vegas next week. We are going to Sedona, South Rim first but we are planning to go to West Rim for the Skywalk one day from Vegas. My wife is 4 months pregnant and I was thinking of taking a bus + helicopter + boat tour. But I want to ask you is it ok to ride on that unpaved road?

Please responds ASAP since I am about to book the tour online but I am glad I read this review. We are vegeterain as well so that tip is really helpful.

Thank you for stopping by. South Rim and Sedona are very good places to see. West Rim is a very nice place to check out but I wouldn’t go there if I am 4 months pregnant. The initial stretch of the road is unpaved for around 14 miles and is very bumpy. Definitely not a great ride for pregnant women. Even with the best 4x4s or shuttles the bumpiness of the road will be felt and it might be harmful to pregnant women. Good luck with your trip and please do share your experiences here after visiting the Great Grand Canyon.

Thanks Anu for the prompt reply ! Do you know by chance how is ride once you land on West Rim Airport. I noticed that the offer toue where they fly you from Vegas to West Rim in a plane and after that show you in the shuttle to Skywalk.

Thanks again for your prompt reply !

No I have no idea how the ride is from the west rim airport .. πŸ™‚ . If you do end up taking that option please share it here so that others might find it more informative.

Very nice and beautiful Grand Canyon West Rim… Skywalk is just breathless. I jumped on glass and screamed as I landed my feet on it. We went in big bus 47 ladies on 11th April. We had so much fun. It was light rain and cold weather that day. But we saw canyon hiding in clouds. Sleeping dog canyon and eagle point at skywalk were so beautiful. Very Nice view at Guano Point too.
All over our trip was the best. that rough road is the best ride in bus. We liked it.
Thanx Bhanu


Thanks for sharing your experience πŸ™‚ Can feel ur happiness! S… Grand Canyon is the nature’s wonder. Wow… happy to hear that u enjoyed the rough road ride too πŸ˜€ Hope u ladies had a nice time! So you didn’t take park and ride facility… Is it still available? If you could share more info here it would benefit others too πŸ™‚

Excellent information.

I am adding couple things which other people may find useful. Park-And-Ride’s correct phone # is 702-260-6506. The physical address (for driving direction) for bus pick up point is 26250 Pierce Ferry Rd, Meadview, AZ 86444. Per current schedule (May 2009), they have three busses in the morning – 8:30, 9:30, and 10:30 AM leaving from above mentioned address for Grand Canyon West entrance. You get about 5 Hours at Grand canyon West before returning to Park-and -Ride center.

Veggie Food at Grand Canyon West is A plus. We will be there on May 15, 2009.

Thanks Sunil for providing the latest information regarding Park and ride facility at the Grand Canyon West Rim πŸ™‚ Am sure this would benefit lots of people. Have a safe and enjoyable trip πŸ™‚

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Thank you very much for sharing your information and pictures. We will be driving there from the south rim on our way home to Los Angeles, so I am very interested in finding out what options there are to visit Skywalk, and the other points of interest on the West Rim.

I M visiting West Rim Sky Walk in next week with my Wife.
Have opted 2 DRIVE in a regular sedan booked 4 my trip 2 Vegas.
After reading UR info… need UR suggestion whether it is OK.2 DRIVE or better 2 take a BUS
Appreciate UR response ASAP
Flying 2 Vegas on Tuesday from NJ

It’s been more than six months since we went there. However we had a rented sedan, a volvo S60 and drove through the stretch and it was fine. However be careful when you drive and never drive more than 30 miles per hour. Good luck with your trip and please let me know how it went.
– Anu

I will rent a sedan to sky walk from LV with my friends. What do I need to do? Where can I park a car? Do I need to reserve any ticket in advance?

Thank you

Hi Anu,

Nice info…Can i have ur suggestions on safe & good close by hotels for a night stay with family plz?

Thanks Venkata!

We started from Las Vegas and went to the west rim. After spending some time there we drove all the way to south rim. We stayed at Best Western in the south rim. Its close to the canyon. Am sure there would be cheap options for B&B, but we preferred to stay at Best Western. Safe and close to the canyon. Have an enjoyable and safe trip πŸ™‚

Hi…me and my husband are planning a trip to Vegas n then a one-day trip to the Grand canyon this week..but i wanted to make sure that its safe for me to go there as I am 5 months pregnant…all the above posts seem to b almost 8-9 months i thought mayb now the unpaved road has been worked upon..plz let me know asap so i can plan accordingly..


Hi Swati.

Its been 3 years since we went to Grand Canyon West Rim. I did google search for you and found people still talking about the unpaved road!! Since you are pregnant, I would suggest you call the west rim information center and find the details before you travel. Good luck. Have a safe and wonderful trip πŸ™‚

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