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Hiya people! Am here with yet another wall décor project! (You can find my previous post on wall décor here) Trust me this is very simple to make, inexpensive and highly attractive! I made this wall décor to place it above the fireplace. As I always mention, fireplace make a good focal point. Try to highlight it as much as possible. Let me first give some tips on how to decorate the wall above your fireplace.

Fireplace wall décor ideas:

  • The most easiest way to highlight the wall over fireplace is to hang huge LCD/Plasma TV 😉 Not kidding! This works out very well.
    • We ruled out this option. We didn’t want to bring TV to the living area. TV is well placed in the family room. Since living room is in the main level (close to kitchen), we wanted it to be TV free. In many homes, the concept of dining together (at the dining table) as a family is vanishing. Most of the times kids keep watching TV and do not enjoy food and family moments. We didn’t want to have TV near the dining area.
  • Mirrors are my next best bet. Huge mirrors with decorative frames will do wonders. But it would be bit expensive. Try resale shops for vintage mirrors.
    • I would not recommend mirrors for families with small kids. I have a busy toddler who loves to play ball. At times, our home becomes a soccer ground 😛 It’s highly risky to decorate your home with not-so-kids-friendly items if you have active little monsters 😀
  • Wall paper! Do I mean sticking wall paper directly to the wall? Nope! Take a big cardboard. Stick the wall paper to it. Place it in the wall and frame it (just like what I have done in the picture below). Use wall papers that are rich in color, texture and pattern. It gives a warm look.
    • Consider Damask wall papers. They have the texture and pattern. I got this idea from one of the HGTV shows and wanted to do this. Unfortunately I couldn’t find contemporary wall paper (in big box stores) with texture that suited my living room color and hence I had to give up the idea.
  • Wall art, Painting or vintage sketch/drawings. You can find cheap art décors at resale shops, thrift stores and even at yard sales! If you love to paint, go ahead and give a try. Craft stores like Joann, Michaels etc sell huge canvas boards (for less than $25). Try your hand at painting and hang it proudly in your living space.

Hope you find the tips useful! Also try checking DIY sites (Do It Yourself). There are lots of websites that give really wonderful ideas. Use those ideas and let you imagination flow… and that’s how this wall décor project (pic below) was born 🙂

Note: Am yet to decorate the mantle.

Living room wall decor
Living room wall décor

We have huge vaulted ceiling in the living room and 2 big windows on either side of the fireplace. Our challenge was to decorate the big wall above the fireplace. We didnt want to cover the entire region between the windows. So, our measurement was 60inches X 40inches.

Inexpensive wall decor
Inexpensive wall décor

Materials Required:

for Loops:

Embroidery loops: 10-12 [different sizes]
Paint: Black, White, Red [or any other color that suits your room]
Craft Glue
Painting brush: 1 [small size]
Styrofoam disc: 2-3 [different size]

for Frame:

PVC decorative moulding [depending on the size of the frame you want]
AXA blade to cut the PVC mouldings

Simple wall decor
Simple wall décor

DIY steps:

  • Remove the inner rings from the embroidery loops.
  • Paint the rings and the Styrofoam discs and allow them to dry.
  • Build a frame with the PVC moulding.
  • Stick the rings and discs within the frame.
  • Your art work is done!
Close-up look at the decor
Close-up look at the décor

We bought the embroidery rings from Joann Fabrics for $1.25 each. Styrofoam discs from dollar store (2 for $1) and PVC decorative moulding from Lowe’s. We already had paint & brush that we had used for our previous wall decor project. On the whole we spent less than $40 🙂

  • If you love to paint the rings with different colors, then I suggest you buy sample paints. You can get 8oz for less than 3 dollars!
  • Use PVC mouldings to build frames. It weighs less and is cheap compared to wooden frames.
  • You definitely need AXA blade (or something equivalent) to cut the mouldings. At the store, you can cut the huge mouldings into the size that you want. But they don’t do the “angle cut”!!

I must thank my dear hubby for helping me in building the frame. He was more excited than me in doing this project 🙂 It feels happy to receive wonderful compliments from everyone! Hope you like this too.. 😉

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hey anu…loved this decor thing 🙂 looks very very pretty and cool…i initially thought that it was some clipping from some magazine…its wonderful that u’ve done it 🙂 u rock!!! 🙂

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