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Grand Canyon West Rim – Skywalk | Grand Canyon South Rim – A Short Tour

Grand Canyon National Park | Grand Canyon West Rim – Skywalk | Grand Canyon South Rim – A Short Tour

We visited the West Rim and the South Rim of the great Grand Canyon, in the month of November 2008. Fall had just started there. We admired the colorful trees in the Grand Canyon National Park. Grand Canyon is a steep canyon carved by the Colorado River. Grand Canyon National Park is situated in Arizona.

We started our journey from Las Vegas (Nevada) towards the West Rim of the Grand Canyon. All we could see in our journey was mountains and vast desert!!!!

The west edge of the canyon is owned by “Hualapai indian tribes“. It’s noted that the popularity of the Grand Canyon West has been increased only after the opening of the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Grand Canyon Skywalk was opened to the public on March 28th 2007.

The Skywalk at the Grand Canyon West is about 2 hours drive from Las Vegas. From the main highway we need to take a poorly paved road to reach the Skywalk. This is the road to reach the Skywalk at West Rim of Grand Canyon…

Road to the Grand Canyon West Rim - Skywalk
Road to the Grand Canyon West Rim - Skywalk
Road to the Grand Canyon West Rim - Skywalk
Road to the Grand Canyon West Rim - Skywalk

America vil epadi oru roada? Yes! We had to drive through this worst road for a stretch of 14 miles. Still we enjoyed the drive πŸ™‚

The Skywalk is about 4000 ft above the floor of the Canyon. How would you feel on walking through a glass bridge jutting 70 feet into the canyon and 4000 ft above the floor of the canyon? Remember this is a glass bridge! You are standing on transparent surface thousands of feet above the Colorado River!!

If you are not afraid of heights (not acrophobic) and bold enough to walk thru the glass bridge and enjoy the scenic beauty below you… then this is the right place for you to have fun! For safety reasons people with heart condition are not allowed to take a walk here. We are not allowed to take snaps on the Skywalk πŸ™

Oru thick glass mela nadakanum… yetho andharathula nadakara madhiri erukum… adhan skywalk nu peru vechierukanga. πŸ™‚

After experiencing a thrilling β€œSky Walk” adventure in the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, we reached the South Rim to enjoy the scenic beauty of this steep canyon.

There are many view points in the south rim of the Grand Canyon. We explored few of them. Mather point, Yaki point, Yavapai point, Hopi point, Maricopa point and Mohave point are the observation points that we checked out. At the Yavapai point, there is the Yavapai Observation Station, which sells books and displays information about the geology & history of the Grand Canyon. The Yavapai and Yaki points are considered to be the best viewpoints in the Grand Canyon South Rim!

South Rim of the Grand Canyon is open through out the year as opposed to the North Rim, which remains closed during the winter months. North Rim is at a greater elevation than the South Rim; hence the temperature here is much lower than the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. It’s noted that most of the visitors come to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

The sky was clear and the weather was pleasant. Gentle breeze swept across us as we started to explore the Grand Canyon. It was amazing to see the splendid beauty of this vast canyon. Our eyes turned voracious as they feasted on this breathtaking scenic beauty.

Here are the few snaps that we clicked at the viewpoints in the South Rim.

A view of Grand Canyon South Rim
A view of Grand Canyon South Rim
Near Yavapai viewpoint
Near Yavapai viewpoint
A view of the Grand Canyon South Rim
A view of the Grand Canyon South Rim

Are you planning to take a tour to the Grand Canyon? Read this before you start planning. We visited the Grand Canyon with our parents. All of us enjoyed this memorable tour πŸ™‚

Update: Please visit Info about Grand Canyon Skywalk to know more about our experience.

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unmai el anumar aaghayathil ponathai kambar varnanai pannathai veda mega azhagagha erukindrathu

Wow… am blessed to hear this from you. Glad that u enjoyed reading our Grand Canyon Skywalk experience.

Wow…. you guys seem to be having all the fun in the world… being newly married and all !! photos look awesome… makes me want to go there…

Dude, We are nearing our 1st wedding anniversary… and it feels happy to be addressed as “newly wed” πŸ™‚ Stay tuned with us to catch the “fun” fever!

I would recommend u to visit the Grand Canyon. Its an apt place for all age groups to enjoy.

Wow! Your account of the Great Grand Canyon was absolutely thrilling and splendid! Could imagine the adventurous spirit about you guys! Skywalk! Absolutely on CLOUD nine I bet!

Enjoy, keep exploring the travel freak and bug in you and keep updating this enthu audience! Feels great to be updated. Good posts from your end! And belated Congratulations and Celebrations on bagging the coveted title from Google!

And btw – forgot!!! Hey! Rava Dosa recipe turned out “yummy” – the audience on the second day of ekadasi (this time twice right?) were IInd and ground floor plus our maid who enjoyed! But dear – let me confess, I couldnt make it wafer thin as you would have – it was slightly thick (not very thick though). Your advise/comments?


Happy to hear the positive feedback from you πŸ™‚
The batter should be thin so as to get thin wafer… that is what i did to get thin ones.

Glad that u virtually enjoyed the grand canyon skywalk. Yup we had gr8 fun. The best part of this tour was that the elders (our parents) enjoyed to the core. It was really touching and happy to see them having sooo much fun.

Nice writeup… do give me details as to where to book tickets for the skywalk online… and how to arrange transportation to the location. That road looks very scary to me and I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a car on that road.

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Hey, did you cover both west rim (Skywalk) and South rim in one day.
I was planning to visit this long weekend, so wanted to know whether i can cover both west (Skywalk) and south rim in one day. I am planning to travel to these places from Los Vegas.

Nice to know that you are planning to visit Grand Canyon. We took 2 days to travel from Las vegas, visit the west and south rim and come back to Las Vegas.

We started from Las Vegas, went to the west rim, enjoyed the place and left for the south rim on the same day. We spent quite some time in the west rim so it was almost midnight by the time we reached south rim. We stayed there for a night and enjoyed the south rim the next day. End of the day we left for las vegas. It was a long journey but we made it.

Also do not miss to visit hover dam!! Hope this helps πŸ™‚
Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your holidays!

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