General Winter in Chicago

Winter in Chicago !!

This is my first winter at Chicago, the windy city. It’s freezing cold here. Last night recorded the maximum chillness of -15°F, with the wind-chill of -30°F! Chicago saw the first snow for this winter on December 1st 2008. Since then, we have been seeing only snow showers.

The average Chicago winter produces 38 inches of snow. Unlike western Michigan or in northern Indiana, Chicago rarely gets lake-effect snow because prevailing westerlies that cross the region pick up moisture from Lake Michigan after passing Chicago. This moisture is dumped as snow in the nearby Snow Belt cities such as Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and South Bend. Rare northeasterly winds during the winter may deposit the sort of snowfall that one associates with nearby Snow Belt cities. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Chicago is -27°F on January 20, 1985, with a wind chill of -83°F. (Source: Wikipedia)

It’s wonderful to feel the snow flurries showering on us. It’s really pleasant to see the snow filled streets, trees and vehicles. Its snow, snow and snow everywhere!! Winter at Chicago is not as bad as people warned me about! 😉

Well, we need to be more careful while driving on the snow filled streets. Dressing up in layers is the most important tip to tackle the winter at Chicago. I do wear 2/3 layers of clothes before I put on my winter coat. A scarf (along with the winter hat) to cover the face would be of great help if we have walk down the streets.

Dressed up in layers with the gloves/mittens, winter hat, scarf, boots I enjoy walking in the snow filled streets and relishing all the winter activities.

As I was surfing the net, I stumbled upon this interesting article which describes that the visitors come here to enjoy the winter at Chicago!

Last year a month long winter celebration known as “Museum of modern Ice” happened in the Millennium Park in Chicago from February 1st till 29th. This winter celebration featured “Paintings Below Zero”, a 95 feet long by 12 feet tall wall made of boldly colored, abstract paintings in ice by Canadian artist Gordon Halloran. Here is the video showing the construction of this Ice wall.

A five days winter festival “Snow Days Chicago” is going to happen this year in the Michigan Avenue Grant Park featuring a national snow sculpting competition, dog sled demonstrations, a snowboard rail jam and kids activities! More than 27 snow sculptures are showcased in this festival. The admission to this event is free!!! This city is indeed the winter wonderland.

Well there is so much to explore and enjoy in the winter too. Must check the “Snow Days Chicago” without fail! We are no artists… but we made our earnest attempt to sculpt snow man in our backyard. Here is the snow man with his cap 🙂

Snowman with his cap on
Snowman with his cap on
Snowman in bright sunshine
Snowman in bright sunshine

Yes… we love the winter at Chicago!

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nice article about winter @ chicago !! Having been here for more than 5 years now, I can truly say that the winters in chicago can be both beautiful and brutal at the same time. It’s nice to see the snow flurries fall and experience them first hand. Not so nice when cars start slipping on the roads and accidents happen…

Awesome article about winter at chicago. Very informative… Chicago might not see so much snow as the other cities to the east of the great lakes… however one does feel the cold here during winter right down to the bones!! perhaps you could focus on the plight of the homeless during these long winter months in a later article ….

:-)i came to your site to get a recipe for pongal.but you kept me trappped in it for a while….since i tll live in chicago area, this post caught my attention…..your snowman rocks……
Very interesting way of writing……i am gonna come back here for more recipes….

Nice to know that you live in Chicago area 🙂 Hope u enjoyed the snow showers! Planning to make a snowman this year too with my LO 🙂 Nice to have brushed across. Do stay in touch

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