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Sears tower, the largest Chicago skyscraper will henceforth be known as “Willis tower”. I had recently posted an article about the world famous Sears tower Skydeck. This 110 story tall tower is going to renamed as Willis tower after the London based insurance broker Willis Group Holdings.

The new tenant is going to rent 140,000 sq ft of the Chicago’s prominent building and move around 500 employees on the multiple floors of the “Sears” tower.

“Having our name associated with Chicago’s most iconic structure underscores our commitment to this great city, and recognizes Chicago’s importance as a major financial hub and international business center,” said Joseph J. Plumeri, chairman and chief executive officer of Willis Group Holdings. (

There are lots of controversies in this naming game. Chicago suntimes quotes that “The tower owners are irritated that their new tenants have publicized the lease”! Real estate experts wondered why the tower’s owners handed naming rights to a tenant that will take only 3.5 percent of the 3.8-million-square-foot building (

Will the Chicagoans be able to address the tower by its new name “Willis tower”? Aaah… I don’t think so! It definitely takes time to bring in the change. Most of Chicagoans may not like the naming and some may welcome the change!

I remember the name change that happened (happens!!) in India. Can we ever forget the old names of the famous metro cities Chennai, Mumbai, Bengaluru etc?

Anyways what’s in the name? The Sears | Willis tower always adorns the Chicago city with its majestic look.

Let me stop my journalism. It’s time for celebration. For what? Blogging pal Priya Sriram has awarded me “FRIENDS” award. I am elated to receive this award buddy. So sweet of you to remember me 🙂

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Anu ..thanks so much for the freindship award :)) really appreciate it and now I tag will tag more freinds at my end. I havent celebrated Holi yet .these pics are from a few yrs ago , our Holi will happen over the weekend :)how did you celebrate yours?

hi,thanks for the info,congrats on ur award!!first time here,u have a very nice blog,bookmarked dum aloo recipe,looks visit my blog at ur free time:)

You are all welcome. I feel happy to pass the FRIENDS award to fellow bloggers. Its a gr8 way to make nice friends 🙂

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