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Rasam Powder | Rasa Podi

Nothing can beat hot rasam prepared with fresh home made rasam powder! Each family would have their own recipe for rasa podi/rasam powder. My mom had a recipe that she had been using for ages.

Recently she came across an interesting rasam recipe in a woman’s magazine that she immediately tried it. She passed the recipe to me asking me to try at least once. I always loved my mom’s age old rasam powder recipe that I hesitated to try to the new one.

But believe me, the recipe was more than what I had expected! I was totally blown away by the flavor and aroma of the rasam prepared with the new rasa podi! Well I absolutely loved it!

Rasam Powder
Rasam Powder

Time Taken: 15-20 min
Yields: 1 cup

Dhaniya (coriander seeds/malli): 3 tbsp
Red chillies: 6-7
Milagu (black pepper): 2 tsp
Jeeragam (cumin seeds/jeera): 4 tsp
Methi seeds (vendhayam): 1 tsp
Mustard seeds: 1 tsp
Sesame oil: 1 tsp

Rasam powder ingredients
Rasam powder ingredients

We love spicy rasam and hence I have used 7 red chillies in the recipe. Adjust the quantity as per your taste. Using sesame oil for roasting the ingredients increases the flavor of the recipe.

Once the rasam powder is prepared, store it in a air tight container. If stored properly it can come for months. But for fresh flavor/taste I recommend preparing the podi in small quantity to last for 9-10 servings.

Rasa podi
Rasa podi

Preparation Method:

  • Dry fry mustard seeds till it splatters and keep it aside
  • Slightly roast methi seeds and keep it aside
  • Ensure not to over-roast methi seeds else it would leave bitter taste.
  • Heat oil and roast dhaniya, red chillies, milagu and jeeragam separately.
  • Roasting each ingredient separately ensures that they are not over fried.
  • Allow all the roasted ingredients to cool to room temperature.
  • Mix and grind them to fine powder and store in air tight container.
  • Enjoy making delicious rasam with your home made rasam powder!

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Methi seeds in rasam powder, sounds very interesting!! I would love to give this version a try soon. Coincidentally I just posted my version of rasam powder just a short while back.

Yes Usha! Even I was sceptical about adding methi seeds. But just followed the recipe and it turned out great! 🙂

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