Cat’s out of the bag !

It was early morning. I lay in the bed sleeping peacefully. Ganesha was immersed in his laptop dutifully concentrating in his office job. Suddenly Ganesha came near me and I heard him saying “Google has ranked u #1”.

Was it a dream? I got out of bed with a jerk. Ganesha embraced me with joy and proudly told that has been ranked number one by Google for the keyword “my scrawls”!!

Wow…I am on cloud nine. I pride myself on the gold medal that I received for securing the university rank in BS. The Google ranking has once again made me a proud rank holder 🙂

With just 3 posts in the site, the newbie has noticeably placed herself in first few ranks for most of the popular keywords like Bahamas SUB, Bahamas SUB adventure, Chicago to Bahamas, Oru Payanam etc.

Uncle Google has made our day! We both are jumping with joy. As I type this post to share the happy news with all my readers, I hear Ganesha humming the song “Where is the party tonight” 😉

Wishing u all a very happy Pongal/Sankaranthi/Lohri 🙂

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7 replies on “Cat’s out of the bag !”

Glad to see the nice comments fro our family members on your travelogue on your recent Bhamas trip.

Congratulations Anu for the getting this 1st rank from google.
wishing you both a very Happy Pongal and sankaranti.

This Pongal is sweet with the sweet pongal, its flavour touches tongue only. But rank #1 in new project is immersed in sweet. Be a rank holder…always!

google the keywords…. for example google myscrawls… or google “oru payanam”, “bahamas sub adventure” and so on and so forth..

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