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A gud news for the Chicagoans! Sathyam cinemas is here πŸ™‚ Its a pity that the theaters in which the Indian films (especially south indian) are screened lacks the state of art technology. After being accustomed to the theaters like Inox, Sathyam, Mayajal etc in Chennai, the desi film theaters in Chicago seemed as booth bungalows πŸ˜€ For the past one year I didn’t watch any Tamil movie at all. To my surprise I came to know that Sathyam Cinemas is here at Downer’s Grove (West suburb Chicago land). As expected the theater was gud. Far better than the ones that I had already been to πŸ˜€

Ayan - Starring Surya and Tamanna (
Ayan - Starring Surya and Tamanna (

Ayan is Surya’s latest hit (??!!) movie. Surya pairs with Tamanna. She looks beautiful and bubbly too. But the pair lack on screen chemistry! All the romantic scenes are so pathetic πŸ™

Surya plays the role of a courier helping out the smuggler Dass (Prabhu). Kamalesh, the dedut villain tries to surpass Dass in the smuggling business. Surya helps Dass and eventually succors the government (customs) in finding out the smuggling Don Kamalesh.

Stunts are gud! Must appreciate Kanal Kannan for the mind blowing heroic stunts. But one gets bored to see the “Elongated” fight sequences (especially the stunt scenes in Congo). Innocent people are used to smuggle drugs to Malaysia. Most of the smuggling scenes are total gross and makes us puke πŸ™

Cinematography is gud. We get to see lots of new places in the Songs. They are really a treat to our eyes. Most of the songs are unnecessarily included in the film! Its shocking to hear that the music is composed by Harris. (Avasarathula tune potaru pole!!) All the songs carry almost the same beat and I felt I have heard the tunes before!

I liked Jagan as Surya’s friend. One can easily make out that he is the spy sent by Kamalesh to dig the secrets of the smuggler Dass. But the director throws the suspicion on hearing impaired Karunas (Dass’s gangmen). This film has given a new villain Akashdeep! He irritates us to the core. (Well that is what a villain is supposed to do πŸ˜€ ) He is the same “Ansh Gujral” from the famous Hindi soap “Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi”. Anyone who had watched this serial would promptly make out who the new villain is πŸ˜€

Ayan Villain - Akashdeep Saigal (
Ayan Villain - Akashdeep Saigal (

During the shoot, an interesting event took place involving Akashdeep. When he entered the sets, initially nobody recognized him and he was mistaken to be a character artist. But on the fourth day of the shoot, when it was shot in Sowcarpet, he was mobbed by people living in that locality and traffic came to a standstill the moment he stepped out of his car! All the North Indians in that area are very familiar with the actor’s TV serials; they wanted only his autograph, not Suriya’s. Perhaps this was the first time Suriya had to face such a situation in Chennai. It was only after this incident that the entire crew realized how popular Akashdeep is. K.V. Anand was finally convinced that he had selected the right person for the villain’s role. [Source:]

Heard that Ayan is gonna be dubbed in Telugu as “Veedokkade” and is scheduled to be released on 1st week of May. On the whole Surya in Ayan, couldnt remind us “Anbu Selvan” (Kakka Kakka) or “Sanjay Ramasamy” (Ghajini)! This film can be watched for its cinematography and super duper stunts!

PS: The poster of Ayan featuring Surya has been put up in New Jersey metro railway station. Commuters have been attracted by this. This is the first in Tamil cinema history; a Tamil film poster is displayed in America πŸ™‚ [Source:]

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Enjoyed reading the post anu..Yeah i watched in telugu news channel that its a big hit in tamil..They do have a lot of expectations in telugu….

Hi everyone,
This film is super ,fantastic, the actor is soooooooooo handsome , i like him.I like the second songs the most .

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