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Are you looking out for ideas to decorate your living room? Welcome to the club. I keep searching for thrifty ideas to decorate my home on budget. Recently I came across this wall art in a HGTV show. It was absolutely awesome and I wanted to try it on our living room wall. We have huge vaulted ceiling in our living room. The skylight in the roof prevents us from hanging big chandeliers. The only way to decorate our room was to bring a focal point on the huge walls. With the current wall art, our room looks contemporary and elegant.

Before I explain the procedure for the wall art décor, let me share few tips on decorating living rooms.

  • If your room is well lit, then paint it with a (slightly) dark colour. We choose “quincy tan” (from Benjamin Moore).
  • Choose your style – contemporary or traditional.
  • Select the furnitures, light fixtures and accessories according to the style you choose.
  • High light the focal point in your room. Fire places make great focal points.
  • Arrange your furnitures such they don’t block the focal point of your room.
  • Avoid using too much furnitures.

Hope the tips are useful. The wall décor that you see the in the pic (below) is very simple to make and is definitely wallet friendly 🙂

Wall hanging room decor
Wall hanging room décor

Materials Required:

False ceiling tiles (or any square/rectangular block): 5
Glossy Paint (Black and White): 1/2 quart or less
Painter’s Tape: one roll
Painting brush: 1 (used 1.5 inch)
Velro or 3M stickers: To hang the wall decor

Note: You can use wooden blocks instead of false ceiling tiles. We have an active toddler who loves climbing on the couch. We found the light weight false ceiling to be safe than heavy wooden blocks.

Preparation Method:

  • Paint the blocks with white paint.
  • Allow it to dry completely.
  • Use the painter’s tape and make the design you like.
  • Then paint the block with black paint.
  • Allow it to dry completely.
  • Carefully remove the painter’s tape.
  • You are all done! The art decor is ready!! Hang it with Velcro/tapes.

We got all the materials from Lowe’s at a total cost lesser than $40. If you already have brush/paints, then it would work out much cheaper! Use any design that comes to your mind and enjoy creating your wall art decor!!

Simple wall hanging craft
Simple wall hanging craft

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You can get it from stores like lowes/home depot etc. In case you need just 1 or 2 then I suggest you use artist canvas. It would work out cheap and best. You can find it in walmart/target or craft stores.

Hope this helps.

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