Pomander Orange – Beautiful Table Centerpiece

Orange (fruit) decorated with cloves is called Pomander Orange. This is used as perfect table centrepiece. I read about pomanders in an article and got interested to do it. This is definitely a simple craft which needs fruits and cloves. I tried my hands at making the lovely pomander and it came out really gud. I placed this as the table centrepiece in a dinner party and got huge appreciation from our friends 🙂

Pomander Orange
Pomander Orange

Pomander is a ball of perfumes or a bag containing fragrant herbs. A modern form of pomander is made by studding an orange or other fruit with whole dried cloves and letting it cure dry, after which it may last several years. The modern pomander serves the functions of perfuming and freshening the air and of keeping drawers of clothing and linens fresh, pleasant smelling, and moth-free. [Source: Wikipedia]

Pomander Table Centerpiece
Pomander Table Centerpiece

PS: I have also used lemon along with oranges.

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8 replies on “Pomander Orange – Beautiful Table Centerpiece”

Lemon the odd man out?
How did the lemon insertion vis-a-vis the orange go?
cloves look prominent!
Glad to see you back on the dining table!
Have a nice time!
***Thanks for the explenatory comments.That helped!

Yes, lemon is the odd man out 🙂 Wanted to try with too!! Lemon with oranges looked great. Thanks for the comments kaka!

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