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Chickpeas (Channa) Sundal

After joyful Krishna Janmashtami and Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations, its time for NAVARATHRI! In south India, navarathri is celebrated with “Bommai Kolu” (aka Golu) and “Sundal” (recipe with legumes, like the one given below).

Nava-rathri means nine nights. Navarathri is the Hindu festival celebrated for nine nights and ten days. Last day is called “Vijaya Dasami”. During these 10 days, goddess Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati are worshipped.

Navarathri takes me back to my school days.  We (me and my sis) studied in Kendriya Vidyalaya and used to get Dushera Holidays. (read 10 days of fun!) We loved helping our mom in arranging bommai kolu. We used to make mini park, hill and zoo with all our craft supplies. Each day our mom would prepare a different sundal. We would invite our neighbours for the evening pooja and distribute the prasad with vida (Thambulam/Haldi-Kumkum). We would also get invited to others kolu. Everyday we would hear – “Ondhu Haadu Helri” (Sing a song). The was really tricky. We had to be careful that we didn’t repeat the song and also didn’t sing the same song at all the places. Just to be extra careful, me and my sis would prepare a list of songs that we were comfortable with and plan where and when to sing each one of them 😉

This year I’m planning to blog about navarathri recipes (specially sundal recipes). Here is my first entry – Chick peas (or  Channa) sundal

Channa Sundal
Channa Sundal


Chickpeas (aka Garbanzo beans): 1 cup (or a 12oz can)
Mustard seeds: 1/2 tsp
Cumin seeds: 1/2 tsp
Urad dal: 1 tsp
Curry leaves: few
Ginger: 1/2 tsp (minced)
Asafetida: a pinch
Red chillies (or Green chillies): 2-3
Salt: to taste
Coconut: 1 tbsp (grated – fresh/dry)
Oil: 2 tsps

Preparation Method: (if you are using canned Chickpeas/Garbanzo beans, start from step: 3)

  • Soak chickpeas in water overnight
  • Add salt and pressure cook it for 1-2 whistles.
  • Heat oil in a pan and do seasoning with mustard, cumin seeds, chillies, urad dal, asafetida, ginger and curry leaves.
  • Once the mustard spatters, add chickpeas and stir well.
  • If you use canned beans, add salt at this step
  • Cook for 1-2 minutes and remove from the stove top.
  • Garnish with grated coconut and serve hot/warm.

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