Welcome to MyScrawls!

I’m Anu, a software engineer by profession. I live with my lovely family in the windy city Chicago! My Scrawls is a reflection of my thoughts scribbled online.

What can you find here:
Vegetarian recipes from my kitchen, simple art/craft works and my travelogues.

How to browse this blog: There are 5 different categories listed as tabs in the main page.

  • Anu’s Kitchen: I post almost all the dishes that I cook (& taste). I’m great fan of jiffy cooking and most of my recipes would require very minimum time to cook. These are the recipes that I learnt from my friends, relatives and from the internet. You can find only vegetarian recipes at MyScrawls. Ahem..Eggs allowed ;) My motto is – Cook with love and Cook with positive thoughts, it would automatically reflect in the taste!
  • Crafts: I love to make simple crafts. I swear you need not be a crafty person to try out my works!
  • General: You can find my “scrawls” here. From film reviews to forward jokes, I blog about everything that to comes to my mind!
  • Personal: Few personal things in my life that I would like to share.
  • Travel: A detailed travelogue on every trip/tour that we enjoy.

Feel free to browse through the site and please leave me a comment if you like it. Your comments & suggestions encourages and helps me to do more! Thanks for stopping by and see you soon :)

Disclaimer: All content including photos on this website are copyrighted by me. You DO NOT have permission to copy, reproduce and /or modify the contents without my express written approval.

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18 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Arvind Says:

    Good Work !! Let me be the first to wish you success in your blogging journey… Hope to see you becoming a very active blogger soon… :)


  2. Prasad Says:

    Nice blog you guys created! Good work!


  3. Anila Says:

    Nice work!! Keep blogging


  4. Purnima Says:



  5. Anupama Says:

    Hi Anu,
    Welcome to the world of blogging! Hope you are enjoying it. I started my food blog a little less than a year back and I must say I am happy that I started it.

    All the best,


  6. Varunavi Says:

    Welcome Anu to world of blogging.I started my food blog 3 months back and i am just enjoying it,can’t miss a single day without checking my blog and my fellow bloggers blog.
    All the very best


  7. ram Says:

    Await your THOKKU Varities!



  8. chitra Says:

    Hi Anu,
    was looking for some tanjore marathi dishes and cam across ur blog site. really interesting . also went thru ur travel blog. amazing . good luck and pls post more old aji s receipes . ! there is one sweet dish my ajji used to make using channa dal dry copra and gool. dont remember its name. i think even khas khas. very tasty dish . not payasam something a bit not so liquid like payasam. if u find such a receipe pls. include in ur blog. we get all ingredients here in dubai. so no problem. best wishes.


    • Anu Says:

      Chitra, Thanks a lot for visiting My Scrawls. I guess you are referring to “Hayagreva Mandi”, a sweet dish prepared using channa dal, khus kuhs and gool. Even I love that. You have triggered me to try it out. Will definitely post it :)

      Hey I have posted the Hayagreeva muddi recipe. Do check it out :) http://www.myscrawls.com/anu-kitchen/hayagreeva-muddy


  9. Vidya Says:

    Hi Anu,
    Cant believe you r a novice at blogging and IT.. u have been excellent use of this website. Great work.. keep it up.


  10. Anu Ganesh Says:

    Hi namesake,
    Loved your blog…came across it today and it resonated with me on man levels…I live in a Chicago suburb,have an active toddler, love cooking and of course, we share the same name!


    • Anu Says:

      Wow!!! Cant believe…same name, same area and have kids of same age group!!! :) ) Cool!!! Thanks for visiting MyScrawls! Nice to have brushed across :)


  11. heena Says:

    woooo.. hiee . i m a student of food and nutrition.. i luv ua this blog. amzing .. i tried the groundnut chutney.. mine whole group liked it.. i even my teacher’s. keep on bloggin … u rock :)


  12. Ajitha Prasanna Says:

    Just happened to see your comment on my blog..yes..It has been long since I touched that site…Thanks much for your comments. Great to know you and your blog..Which part of Chicago are you in ?


  13. Subashini Says:

    Hi Anu,

    Came across your blog today. Truly inspiring! Great effort. I like your recipes common, simple and easy to try on.
    Keep it up!


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