Travel Trip to Bahamas

Our Bahamas SUB Adventure !!

Happy New Year 2009 !!

We bid farewell to 2008 by spending the last couple weeks on vacation in the Bahamas. We were in paradise (the island… 🙂 ) and were soaking in the warm sunshine, clear skies and crystal clear waters of the Altantic.

We went on a cruise underneath the surface of the Caribbean on our own personal SUB, a space-age underwater scooter. It was a pleasant experience for both of us and me in particular as I was able to enjoy being under water for the first time WITHOUT actually knowing how to swim !! We were in awe of all the flora and fauna found in the atlantic ocean just a couple dozen feet beneath the surface.

Here’s the video capturing us in action under water for as they say a picture is worth a thousand words… 😉

The player will show in this paragraph

One of the things that’s worth mentioning about this adventure is that you do not need any particular swimming gear (either snorkeling equipment or under water SCUBA diving gear). The SUB scooter handles the oxygen and pressure for you and keeps you feeling very comfortable and mobile.

We were under water for more than an hour and the entire experience was very surreal. We whole heartedly enjoyed this thrilling adventure.

I definitely would recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a wholesome and fun adventure with your spouse/partner. Dare to try ? 😉

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Wow! Fabulous description! looks like you guys have had a lot of fun… The video especially makes me so want to go and check this out asap… 🙂 Happy New Year Guys !!

That’s great news!
And the Blog brings it all alive and leaves it so for the posterity!
Great Beginning ! Both Life and hte Blog!
Wish you all joy and Happiness of togethrness!

Hi Chan(aka Kaka) 😉

Glad that u enjoyed the blog. Thanks for your blessings and wishes:) Do check this space for more fun.

That’s great news!
And the Blog brings it all alive and leaves it so for the posterity!
Great Beginning ! Both Life and the Blog!
Wish you all joy and Happiness of togetherness!

Very good experience you both have had. It is very nice . The same experience i had when i first went to bombay to send of my brother Nana, to America. He took me to a big ship in which he was about to travel andthey had under water exploration closed vehicle for repairing the ships. which was used to amuse the passengers. we went to arabian sea .A stretch between bombay and Goa. It was a four seater my self and my brother with 2 other passengers.It was really very thrilling and a world completelynew. That trip made me learn swimming in the near by cavery river against the protest of my family.which i could not continue after the marriage.we are all happy that you both enjoyed the holidays. carry on and keep it up .thanks for sharing your experience..

Dear Amma & Bapa,

Wow… hope u have had a wonderful experience exploring the under water! Stay tuned for more updates.

Thank for your first mail giving an account of your adventure to Bahamas.
We could feel the thrill from your written msg. Thank u once again and keep mailing such things quite often in 2009 and keep all of us cheerful

Glad that you enjoyed my writeup. Do check this space and join us in our fun adventure.

I want to go on a honeymoon! Also when (feeling cocky for no reason) I become a millionaire, I am getting myself a personal submarine and want to spend a sunday afternoon in the bottom of the sea (or lake) playing uno with the kids.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience!

Super. heroic venture. No words to explain my excitement. When I saw you both in the water, I was very nervous. But later, seeing you both enjoy, I was very happy and I wished to go for such a heroic ride sometime in my life. On the whole it was fantastic to watch.

Fantastic video and and an excellent narration. U must have had the utmost thrill during this cruise travel. superb…

Terrific adventure. One feels very proud when their dreams come true, that too when their wish gets fulfilled by children the happiness gets doubled. Yes, when I was doing my graduation, myself and my cousin went to cinema, where I saw undersea adventure, at that time I wished todo such an adventure but could not do it. When I saw this video, I got immense happiness. Great work.

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