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Vangi Baath | Brinjal (Eggplant) Rice

Am back after a week long break 🙂 Its really refreshing to see the climate improving here. While folks at Chennai are brooding over the pinching heat, am dreaming about the summer that is yet to come… Enough of my rant 😀 We love brinjal (eggplant). I tried Vangi bath and it came out very well. Sharing the vaangi bath recipe with u all. Enjoy the vangi bath with raita and applams / chips 🙂

Vangi Bath | Brinjal (Eggplant) rice
Vangi Bath | Brinjal (Eggplant) rice


Brinjal (Eggplant): 4-5
Onion: 1
Chana dal (Bengal gram): 2 tsp
Urad dal (Black gram): 2 tsp
Red Chilies: 2-3
Coconut (Grated): 2 tsp
Coriander seeds: 1 tsp
Curry leaves: few
Salt: to taste
Asafetida: a pinch
Oil: 2-3 tsps

Preparation Method:

  • Cook rice and keep it aside.
  • Meanwhile prepare the vaangi bath powder.
    • Heat little oil and fry chana dal, urad dal, coriander seeds, asafetida and red chilies.
    • Add coconut, fry for 1-2 mins and then remove the mixture from the stove top.
    • Allow it to cool and then grind into powder.
  • Cut the brinjal and onion into thin slices.
  • Heat oil and do seasoning with mustard seeds, cumin seeds and curry leaves.
  • Saute onion till it turns slightly brownish in color.
  • Now add brinjal and fry it till becomes soft (till it is cooked).
  • Mix salt and the vaangi bath powder that we had prepared already.
  • Stir well and switch off the stove.
  • Allow the curry to cool.
  • Now add the cooked rice to this curry and stir thoroughly.
  • Tasty Vangi bath is ready 🙂

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