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More about Zucchini …

What Zucchini is all about? Well here is the report of the extensive research that I did on zucchini 😉 Special thanks to Deepa vaini! But for her I wouldn’t have explored so much about this veggie.

Zucchini resembles cucumber. They are a part squash or pumpkin family. There are many varieties of Zucchini. Their skin color could be dark green or light green or even yellow! The flowers of the zucchini plant are also edible and used for preparing salads.

Zucchini , Credit:
Zucchini , Credit:
Zucchini, Credits:
Zucchini, Credits:

Zucchini has very low calorie content and has about 95% water. Zucchini is a rich source of Vitamin C and also has good amounts of Vitamin A and Potassium.

I bought dark green Zucchini. I am used to the fact that any veggie that I buy should be rich in its native color. The same fact applies to Zucchini too. Before buying make sure that the Zucchini is very firm and dark in color. Do not select the ones that are soft. Darker the zucchini, higher its nutritional content.

I had peeled the Zucchini… but it’s good to use it with the rind since most of the nutrients are in the skin 🙂

Though they resemble cucumber, I couldn’t relate zucchini with cucumber in terms of the taste. Zucchini has a bland taste/flavor! Zucchini curry tasted (somewhat) like Snake Gourd curry (podalangai in Tamil). Zucchini tastes heavenly when it is transformed as “Zucchini curry” or “Zucchini bread”, “Zucchini muffin” etc…

Zucchini can be used in salads, stir-fried, grilled or baked. Here is the Zucchini Curry that I had prepared.

Few interesting info:

Zucchini is known as “Tori/Turaii” in Hindi.

Zucchini is botanically a fruit but treated as vegetable! Some say that it is the swollen ovary of zucchini flower.

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Hey Hey!! I am elated, honoured! Thank you so much for this exclusive space you have slotted for Zucchini! So Zucchini creates waves on MY SCRAWLS for the week!

Thanks so much…your account of this interesting veggie was indeed engrossing!

Look fwd to more such stuff coming from Anu’s Kitchen…:-)

Btw, have you heard or tasted Bhindi Chutney? Let me know!

I have tasted bhindi fry, bhindi masala, stuffed bhindi fry, bhindi pokoda… but bhindi chutney is totally new to me… waiting to hear from you 🙂

Very nice info on zucchini…. would be good if Chef Anu can explore into recipes for more Indian dishes using Zucchini…. bengali zucchini curry is one that comes to my mind …. perhaps in another post, Chef Anu?

Sure dude, will try the Bengali zucchini curry and other indian dishes using zucchini and come up with a post very soon.
Ur words are real energy boosters. Thanks!

cool post…. will go and try zucchini now…. have always looked at it when I was shopping for veggies but had no idea that it would be so tasty… the curry looks tasty… thanks for sharing the recipe

zucchini curry is tastey.of its vitamins data and history is valuable. ungalivvethamana panee thodarattam.

I found your site while I was looking for poriyal recipes … I never knew Zucchini could be prepared as an Indian dish. Thanks a lot for sharing that info. Good blog that you have here…

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