Our new home !!

Posted on July 17th, 2009

Friends I would like to share a happy news from my end. We have moved to our new home :) After a long and tiring house hunting we choose the home which we had yearned for. We had spent nearly 1.5 yrs in the busy (windy) city, now we are really excited about our new serene suburban life :)

Thanks : Clipartheaven.com

Thanks : Clipartheaven.com

For the last couple weeks I was busy packing and clearing the clutter from the old apartment and now have started to unpack and arrange our house. First task was much easier :mrgreen:

Pals, It would take me few days to completely settle down and start blogging again. I would definitely miss all your super recipes… would catch up after I come back :) Keep blogging and have fun ;-)

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10 Responses to “Our new home !!”

  1. Sree Vidya Says:

    Hey Anu,
    Gr8 news. Congrats on your new home.
    Come back to blogging soon.


  2. varunavi Says:

    Congrats on ur new home,come back soon :)


  3. parita Says:

    Congratulation Anu dear on your new home:)


  4. gururajan Says:

    congratulation dears on your new home


  5. Divya Vikram Says:

    I know how hectic shifting can get! Take your time!


  6. mahimaa Says:

    congrats dear!


  7. Rajani Rayudu Says:

    Hi Anu,

    Congrats on your new home! do post the pictures.



  8. Dido Divya Says:

    Congrats Anu! So now, u will have all the peace of mind and inspiration to blog nice things!


  9. Usha Says:

    Congrats on your new home Anu…..


  10. chan Says:

    You have done it!
    Under the patronage of Lord Ganesha let it fulfil all your wishes!


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