Kadalai Maavu Cake | Jiffy Mysore pak

Posted on May 6th, 2009

Kadalai Maavu (Bengal gram flour) cake is a sweet prepared at my Aaji’s (granny) place for Deepavali :) This sweet reminds us of the mysore pak. Hence I have named it as “jiffy mysore pak” :D

Kadalai Maavu Cake

Kadalai Maavu Cake

Am sending this sweet recipe to Srivalli’s Mithai Mela.


Kadalai Maavu:1 cup
Ghee: 1.5 cups
Sugar: 3 cups
Elachi (Cardamom) powder: 1/2 tsp

Preparation Method:

  • Roast the kadalai maavu till it turns slight brownish in color.
  • Add sugar and ghee with it and stir well.
  • Cook till the mixture turns frothy and ghee separates.
  • Now add Elachi powder.
  • Remove from the stove top and spread it on a greased plate.
  • Cut it into squares.
  • Kadalai maavu cake is ready

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19 Responses to “Kadalai Maavu Cake | Jiffy Mysore pak”

  1. mahimaa Says:

    not fair to post a pic of this yummy cake anu….. supera iruku paaka..
    i am getting heart attack seeing the amount of ghee and sugar. lol
    but its worth the taste…. looks great.


  2. Sree vidya Says:

    Hey Anu!
    looks like you have developed a sweet tooth
    lots of sweet recipes and all of them look yummy
    Am gonna try a couple of them soon


  3. Pooja Says:

    Hmm yummy yummy pak Anu..Looking soft and delicious..I dont add much ghee so mine will turn out a bit hard..


  4. sripriya vidhyashankar Says:

    Wow.. looks yummy & delicious..Nice entry..


  5. Sri Vani Says:

    Back here after a long time :D . Hey this is a lip smacking sweet!!! Surely going to try. I guess we can reduce sugar as per our taste. Am sure this would have been similar to the famous Mysore pa of krishna sweets :) with generous ghee and sugar ;-) Drooling!!!


  6. Anu Sriram Says:

    Yummy and Delicious recipe! Looks gr8!


  7. Madhu Says:

    Delicious Mysore pa! To me mysore pa preparation is a huge task :D . This seems to be very easy one. Will give a try!!


  8. Anu Says:

    Sri, Anu, Madhu : Thanks dearies. Glad that u liked the Kadalai maavu cake :)


  9. aruna Says:

    Hi Anu,
    Not many people make the mysorepak dish. U made it good. I also made it a few days back, it was just yumm!!


  10. UjjU Says:

    Hey Anu, I’ll call it Anu pak :) Looks yummy. Thanks for visiting my blog. :)


  11. Divya Vikram Says:

    You made it like a pro!!Great!


  12. Usha Says:

    This looks awesome Anu, wish I could taste one :-)


  13. Srivalli Says:

    this was a childhood favorite!..thanks!


  14. raji Says:

    Hi anu

    Wat should be the setting of the flame(medium / high).


  15. raji Says:

    thanks anu


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